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Thank you everyone for your wonderful support of our read-a-thon.



School News & Announcements


Each spring, students in grades 3-8 and high school participate in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). English language arts/literacy, mathematics, and science tests are included in CAASPP.

For CAASPP testing, students who have the most significant cognitive disabilities, as designated in their active individualized education program, are eligible to take the California Alternative Assessments (CAAs).

This testing begins April 2 for NVUSD students.

This year, your child will take the following test(s), depending on his or her grade level:

  • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment in English language arts/literacy (grades 3-8 and grade 11)
  • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment in mathematics (grades 3-8 and grade 11)
  • California is in the process of implementing the California Next Generation Science Standards. As part of that implementation, students in grades 5, 5, 8, and high school will try out a new test called the California Science Test, or CAST.

These tests measure what your child knows and is able to do. Results help identify gaps in knowledge or skills early on so your child can get the support he or she needs to be successful in school.

For more information about tests, results, preparation, and the Atlernative Assessments, visit the NVUSD Student Testing webpage.

For information on specific dates and times when your child will take the test in each subject, please contact your child's teacher or the school office.


Spring Break is March 26-30.

Please don't miss school days before or after the break.


Short answer: Yes. Attendance matters. 

It matters to your STUDENT 
* Children who miss 20 or more days of school in kindergarten through third grade do poorly in school, and have future problems with truancy, delinquency and substance abuse, and are more likely to drop out of school.
* For low-income students in urban areas, each additional day absent from school in elementary grades is associated with a 7% lower probability of graduating from high school.
* Truancy is a 97% predictor of first-time drug use. The greater the number of truant days, the greater the use. 
This information is from the California Dept of Education.

It matters to your SCHOOL
At NVUSD, the average student is absent 7 days each school year. If we can reduce that to an average of 5 days, it would save the District $1.5 million in lost funding from the state. That amount represents nearly half of NVUSD's budget reductions for 2018-2019. Please plan family vacations to correspond to school breaks. 
Thank you!


Worldwide, nationally and locally, humans are being challenged by forces of nature: fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and more. Close to home, we know the anxiety and uncertainty people feel when their world is changed overnight, such as the earthquake of Aug. 24, 2014. So our empathy for those in Texas, Florida, Mexico and other places is real and heartfelt.


Many in our community are uncertain and anxious due to the announced changes in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.  


Our Board of Trustees, as well as the County Supervisors and municipal councils, resolved in April 2017: “We aspire to be a model for inclusion and equity for all populations, including immigrants, refugees, and other newcomers and are committed to supporting the ongoing inclusion and long-term economic and social integration of newcomers, and to demonstrate values of unity and acceptance.”


We will continue to follow the policies put in place nationally, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, until new policies or laws are enacted, and remain committed to our vision of preparing all of our community’s children for college and careers in the 21st century.


El NVUSD se compromete a servir a todos los estudiantes


A nivel mundial, nacional y local, los seres humanos están siendo desafiados por las fuerzas de la naturaleza: incendios, huracanes y otros elementos. Cerca de casa, somos conscientes de la ansiedad y la incertidumbre que la gente siente cuando su mundo cambia de la noche a la mañana, como pasó con el terremoto del 24 de agosto de 2014. Así que nuestra empatía por aquellas personas que viven en Texas, Florida, México y otros lugares es real y sentida.


Muchas personas de nuestra comunidad tienen incertidumbre y ansiedad debido a los cambios anunciados sobre la normativa Acción Diferida para Llegadas Infantiles (DACA, por sus siglas en inglés).  


Nuestra Mesa del Consejo Directivo, así como los Supervisores del Condado y consejos municipales, resolvieron en abril de 2017: “Aspiramos a ser un ejemplo de inclusión y equidad para todas las poblaciones, inclusive inmigrantes, personas refugiadas y otros recién llegados, y estamos comprometidos con el hecho de apoyar la inclusión económica y social continua y a largo plazo de los recién llegados, y con el hecho de demostrar los valores de la unidad y la aceptación.”


Continuaremos siguiendo las normativas que se implementen a nivel nacional, inclusive la Acción Diferida para Llegadas Infantiles, hasta que se promulguen nuevas normativas o leyes, y permanecemos comprometidos con nuestra visión de preparar a todos los niños y niñas de nuestra comunidad para la universidad y las profesiones del siglo 21.



Mark your calendars.

March 20 & 22 - 3rd Grade Patriotic Program Assemblies

March 21 - Spring Pictures & Class Photo Day

March 22 - 4th grade Mission 2.0 presentation, 5:30-6:30pm (Rms. 22, 26, 27, 28)

March 23 - 3rd Grade Patriotic Program Parent Performance

March 26-30 - No School - Spring Break

April 3 - 2nd Gr FT to The Hess Collection (Rm. 13)

April 3 - 4th Gr FT to Sacramento History Museum (Rms. 22&28)

April 5 - 2nd Gr FT to The Hess Collection (Rm. 3)


April 10 - 2nd Gr FT to The Hess Collection (Rm. 11)

April 10 - 4th Gr FT to Sacramento History Museum (Rms. 26&27)

April 12 - 2nd Gr FT to The Hess Collection (Rm. 1)

April 12 - 3rd Gr FT to Marine Mammal Ctr (Rms. 14&17)

April 16 - 2nd Gr FT to Connolly Ranch (Rms. 1&11)

April 19 - 3rd Gr FT to Marine Mammal Ctr (Rms. 5&6)


May 1 - K FT to Loma Vista Farm (All K’s)


May 15 - Kindergarten Performance 9-10 am

May 15 - 4th Gr FT to CA Academy of Sciences, SF (Rms. 27&28)

May 17 - Kindergarten Performance 9-10 am

May 17 - 4th Gr FT to CA Academy of Sciences, SF (Rms. 22&26)

May 18 - Kindergarten Performance 9-10 am

May 18 - All library books due


May 21-25 - Book Fair (location TBD)

May 28 - No School - Memorial Day

May 29 - Rm. 19 FT to Spring Picnic

May 29-June 1 - 5th Gr. Outdoor Ed at Alliance Redwoods

May 31 - 2nd Gr FT to Connolly Ranch (Rms. 3&13)

June 4- Field Day Upper grade in the morning, Lower grade after recess due to ⅘ Music

June 5- 5th Gr Promotion (9am) followed by Picnic & Pool Party

June 7 - Last Day of School; Minimum Day Dismissal today



Hour of Code

For grades 2 and up, click this link.                              For k and 1, click this link.



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